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MEH!(video) \ RANDOM FOR THE WIN! Drew and I were bored one night a long time ago.

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  1. xsaviee says:

    i didnt notice their clothes changed til i saw roi wearing that mickey mouse vest…

  2. DAGIRLEO says:

    omg drew looks so different.

  3. lexilittledevil753 says:

    DREW DREW DREEWWW <3  Is that real hair on his face LOL?

  4. julieannesemo says:

    I never knew Drew had braces!!!! XD

  5. mizukibear says:

    His mustache can do wonders 😀

  6. julieannesemo says:

    ikr????? Drew really does look like Craig Mabbit

  7. vannehxx says:

    LOL mickey mouse sweater vest<3

  8. flyleafxxgirl says:

    ok i thought i lost mi mind for a second. i was like wtf happened to their clothes… XD

  9. annann1234567 says:


  10. Aiyonabobona says:

    nice vestttt 

  11. julieannesemo says:

    so far two years have passed but you still don’t look different….besides your hair….

  12. panthersman66 says:


  13. sungis says:

    This video is so anointed!

  14. AliceAlyNguyenAAN says:

    AHA did you see Roi’s shirt hella funny!

  15. RiceBallParty1 says:

    Its weird looking at Drew then and looking at him now

  16. mylifeasmaye says:


  17. iceypenguin272 says:

    the guy with the mustache kinda looks like craig mabbit from escape the fate O.o

  18. ino996 says:

    i dont this video at all DX

  19. AliceAlyNguyenAAN says:

    the close up always freaks me

  20. Urb4nMelody says:

    omg i noticed that the clothes were changing every time it camera zooms out like 20 seconds in XD

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